We are no longer accepting applications at this time.

Apply to the WRF-IPD Innovation Fellows program via this link. Examples of potential WRF-IPD Fellow research areas are listed below (click links for more information on each collaborating PI and project):

Bai, JihongMolecular engineering for synaptic biologyFHCRC
Bloom, JesseMolecular evolution of the influenza virusFHCRC
Chatterjee, ChampakChemoenzymatic strategies for site-selective protein modification and bioconjugationUW Chemistry
Cirulli, VincenzoNetrin protein nanomaterials as regulators of stem cell differentiation toward pancreatic β-cellsInstitute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
Crane, CourtneyLentiviral engineering of macrophages to improve anti-tumor immunitySeattle Children's Research Institute
Crisa, LauraModeling revascularization and leukocyte traffickingInstitute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
Dudley, AimeeDevelopment of antifungal compounds that target fungal biofilm formationPacific NW Diabetes Research Institute (PNDRI)
Fuller, DeborahNew anti-flu therapeuticsUW Microbiology
Galas, David1. Inhibition of T-cell activation

2. Design of insulin-tolerizing vaccines

Pacific NW Diabetes Research Institute (PNDRI)
Gelb, MichaelDesign of cyclic peptide inhibitors of inflammationUW Chemistry
Gordon, SharonaConformational dynamics of ion channels in a membrane environmentUW Physiology and Biophysics
Gundlach, JensDesigned nanopores for DNA sequencingUW Physics
Henderson, WilliamDesigned tolerizing protein nanoparticles as a therapeutic approach to treat asthmaUW Medicine, Center for Allergy and Inflammation
Klavins, EricModular transcription factorsUW Electrical Engineering
Lidstrom, MaryNew routes to carbon fixationUW Chemical Engineering
MacCoss, MichaelCharacterization of protein libraries by mass spectrometryUW Genome Sciences
Maly, DustinChemically-inducible signaling proteinsUW Chemistry
Miller, SamDefining the molecular basis of bacterial pathogenesis and interactions with eukaryotic cellsUW Microbiology
Montine, ThomasDesign of amyloid binding proteins for Alzheimer's diseaseUW Pathology
Myler, PeterDesigned vaccines for neglected diseasesSeattle BioMed
Olson, JimDesign of brain penetrating peptidesFHCRC
Oukka, MohamedEngineering protein mimics to treat autoimmune diseasesSeattle Children's Research Institute
Pepper, MarionTolerizing vaccines for allergy and autoimmune disordersUW Immunology
Popovic, ZoranCrowd sourcing protein designUW Computer Science
Pozzo, LiloDesign of plasmonic nanostructuresUW Material Science
Press, OliverTargeted delivery for tumor cell killingFHCRC
Ruohola-Baker, HanneleSignaling pathway modulation and control in stem cell developmentInstitute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
Scharenberg, AndrewNew technologies for gene editingUW Immunology
Seattle Children's
Seelig, GeorgRe-engineering protein signaling pathwaysUW Electrical Engineering
Shendure, JayMethods for programmable gene synthesis and allelic seriesUW Genome Sciences
Smith, KellyVaccines and adjuvant designUW Pathology
Stayton, PatrickNucleic acid and protein deliveryUW Bioengineering
Strong, RolandTailoring immunotargeting and immunomodulatory reagents for the treatment of cancerFHCRC
Zagotta, WilliamConformation dynamics of cyclic nucleotide-regulated ion channelsUW Physiology and Biophysics
UW School of Medicine