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The Institute for Protein Design is looking for talented individuals to join its growing team. Persons who enjoy working in a dynamic team environment should contact us to learn more about potential job opportunities.

Currently we are seeking to fill one faculty position and two administrative positions. We also have an Independent Study opportunity available to a Foster MBA student. Details below:

1. Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

The Department of Biochemistry and the Institute for Protein Design at the University of Washington School of Medicine invites applications for a full-time tenure-track Assistant Professor position.

2. Senior Computer Specialist

See Requisition # 114020.

We seek an IT staffer to perform computer system related activities for the IPD.  Duties include managing desktop computing support including interactions with Linux servers and UW_IT computer infrastructure, assist in strategic planning for computational growth and coordinate web services for ~100 people across three facilities in the IPD.

3. Practicum Independent Study Opportunity for Foster MBA Student

Interested students should email Lance Stewart at

Researchers at the Institute for Protein Design have developed breakthrough protein engineering capabilities enabling the computational design of new proteins that can bind with high affinity and specificity to small molecule targets. We are working to design binders for the following targets:

* THC and Cannabidiol to detect and quantify these marijuana plant metabolites in the emerging “pot quality assessment” market.

* Apixaban, aka Eliquis, a $2B / Yr drug product sold by BMS and Pfizer to prevent blood clotting. Unfortunately the drug has no antidote and patients taking it are at risk for lethal bleeds after accidents. An Apixaban binder could be used as a therapeutic antidote and also a diagnostic agent.

* Vitamin D, and its various forms, to provide an alternative for diagnosis of Vitamin D deficiency avoiding costly assays that require mass spectrometry.

An MBA Student is needed to work with IPD leadership to collect market data on these “Small Molecule Binder” applications. The data will be used to build valuation models that will help us to better understand the commercial opportunities for these applications (or others).

The successful MBA candidate will be outgoing, creative, and highly capable of independent study. This person will be willing to pick up the phone and call who ever may be able to answer key questions that might not be available in the public domain.

At the end of this project the IPD will have working, cross-referenced, valuation models for each of these commercial opportunities.

For other inquires about joining the Institute for Protein Design, please send your resume / CV to

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