Core R&D Labs

Staffed by professional scientists and equipped with advanced resources, our Core R&D Labs accelerate our entire research portfolio. These teams develop new methods, collect experimental data, and help interpret results. These activities are not available for external contract work.

Production Labs

General Protein Production

This lab focuses on the expression, purification, and characterization of proteins from bacterial cells for various applications in medicine, technology, and sustainability.

Stacey Gerben, PhD
Scientist 3 — Core Leader

Mila Lamb
Scientist 1

Analisa Murray
Scientist 1

Student Assistants
Elizabeth Damitio
Naisha Sachdev
Yukai Tang

Mammalian Protein Production

This lab focuses on the expression, purification, and characterization of proteins from mammalian cells for various applications in medicine, technology, and sustainability.

Sneha Nagarajan, MS
Scientist 3 — Core Leader

Blue Vesari
Scientist 1

Christine Men
Research Assistant

Student Assistants
Laura Beard
Jake Kelly
Jackson Yu

Nanoparticle Protein Production

This lab specializes in producing custom protein nanoparticles for use in drug delivery and vaccine research. It also analyzes results from in vivo trials, including antibody screening, epitope mapping, and more.

Natalie Brunette
Scientist 2 — Core Leader

Rebecca Cole
Scientist 1

Adian Valdez
Scientist 1

Alex Goodson
Research Assistant

Peptide Production

This lab specializes in the synthesis of both linear and cyclic peptides, bioconjugation reactions, mass spectrometry analysis and assays, and some small molecule synthesis.

Paul Levine, PhD
Scientist 4 — Core Leader

Xinting Li
Scientist 2

Student Assistants
Heather Osterstock
Zoe Taylor

Characterization Labs


This lab performs sophisticated tests on biological samples, offering insights into cellular processes, functionalities, and drug interactions.

Suna Cheng
Scientist 1 — Core Leader

Craig Dobbins
Scientist 1

Student Assistant

Sneha Subramanian

Electron Microscopy

Employing cutting-edge electron microscopes and data processing pipelines, this lab captures and analyzes high-resolution images of protein samples to elucidate molecular structures and functions.

Andrew Borst, PhD
Scientist 4 — Core Leader

Connor Weidle
Scientist 3

Kenneth Carr
Research Assistant

Light Microscopy

Using light-based techniques, this lab images a range of biological samples at multiple magnifications to reveal how our designed molecules interact with cells and tissues.

Justin Decarreau, PhD
Scientist 4 — Core Leader

Rebecca Kane Skotheim
Research Assistant


This lab specializes in determining the three-dimensional arrangements of atoms within crystallized molecules, which can reveal their functions and interactions.

Asim Bera, PhD
Senior Scientist — Core Leader

Alex Kang
Scientist 3

Evans Brackenbrough
Research Assistant

Joshmyn De La Cruz
Research Assistant

Translation Labs

Process Development & Technology Transfer

Focused on upscaling and optimizing experimental procedures, this lab ensures that our new molecules and methods are efficient, reproducible, and ready for real-world application.

Rashmi Ravichandran, MS
Scientist 4 — Core Leader

Tina Nguyen, MS
Research Assistant

Additional Resources

Digital Research Infrastructure

When it comes to designing new biomolecules, our computational resources are second to none. Equipped with high-performance computing capabilities and our own advanced molecular modeling and design software, our researchers are uniquely positioned to fast-track their work. This digital backbone allows us to optimize molecules and simulate outcomes before we even set foot in the lab, ensuring that our research is both groundbreaking and efficient.

Luki Goldschmidt, PhD
Head of Digital Strategy

Patrick Vecchiato

Sr. Computer Specialist

Innovation Office

As part of one of the largest public universities in the world, we collaborate with the University of Washington’s innovation office CoMotion to secure patents that can pave the way for positive social and commercial impact. This partnership has led to hundreds of new innovations, extending our reach from academic circles to biotechnology and development partners from around the world.