Shaping the future of medicine, technology & sustainability.

We are a blend of visionary scientists and entrepreneurial thinkers. Rooted in a public university, we thrive on collaboration and are driven by a commitment to design a healthier, sustainable tomorrow.

What is protein design?

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In nature, proteins harvest solar energy, manufacture molecules, and transform chemical energy into work. Our scientists draw inspiration from nature as we seek to design equally useful molecules from scratch.

By unlocking the power of proteins, we are setting the stage for a new wave of medicines and materials with previously unimagined functions — tapping into the full efficiency, scalability, and sustainability of biology.

Our Impact

Our work extends far beyond our labs. From launching successful startups to developing a royalty-free vaccine for COVID-19, our science is shaping tomorrow.

Designing Proteins,
Shaping Tomorrow


Our royalty-free COVID-19 vaccine

A protein-based vaccine for COVID-19 that uses our self-assembling nanoparticle technology has been approved by medical regulators in the United Kingdom and South Korea. The vaccine is also the 12th COVID-19 vaccine in the world to be granted an Emergency Use Listing by the World Health Organization.


A promising treatment for Celiac disease

KumaMax is an enzyme designed to treat Celiac disease. Research on it began as an undergraduate project in the Baker Lab and would go on to form the basis of a spinout company. Takeda Pharmaceuticals is now working to test KumaMax in the clinic.


Foldit: A video game for protein design

Computers are smart, but they sometimes miss important things. The same goes for researchers. This is where Foldit comes in: everyday people playing Foldit can help discover better protein designs through their unique creativity and ingenuity.