Institute for Protein Design

June IPD News Roundup

June 30, 2014

Here is a list of June 2014 news items from the IPD. Follow the links to read and learn more:

– Senior Fellow Erik Procko and Stayton lab member Geoffrey Y. Berguig published a paper in Cell entitled A computationally designed inhibitor of an Epstein-Barr viral Bcl-2 protein induces apoptosis in infected cells.  Read the UW NewsBeat article on this breakthrough, and  IPD news at this link. Read a Q&A with Dr. David Baker about BINDI here.

– Translational Investigator, Dr. Neil King and fellow “Materials Design” IPD team members published a paper in Nature  entitled Accurate Design of Co-Assembling Multi-Component Protein Nanomaterials.  Read the UW NewsBeat article on this breakthrough, and  IPD news at this link.

WRF-IPD applications due beginning of next month – July 1.

– The IPD was represented at the Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association’s (WBBA) Life Sciences Innovation Northwest conference on June 19-20. Attending were Translational Investigators Dr. Ingrid Swanson Pultz (Interviewed by WBBA TV, video available here) and Dr. Neil King, graduate student Aaron Chevalier, and Senior Director of Strategy Dr. Lance Stewart.

IPD Members at LSINW2014

Ingrid Swanson Pultz Interviewed by WBBA TV at LSINW2014

– Welcome new IPD team members:

Dan Ellis, new Research Assistant working in the Translational Research Center
Sue Yi, new Research Assistant working in the Translational Research Center
Lauren Carter who is leading our Structured Science Protein Core lab.

IPD_TRC_6_16_14– The IPD opened up its new Translational Research Center (IPD-TRC) in the J-Wing of the Health Sciences Building, which supports the work of the IPD Translational Investigators.

– The IPD opened up its new Structured Science Protein Core (IPD-SSPC) to support standardized protein protein production for basic and translational research of IPD members.  The IPD-SSPC laboratories are located on the Third, Second, and Ground floors of the Molecular Engineering and Sciences Building.