Institute for Protein Design

Adam Wargacki, BS

Research Scientist

Adam Wargacki was born and raised in Washington (by a pack of Huskies).

He studied Biochemistry at Gonzaga University, then joined a small Biofuels Startup (UW spinoff Bio Architecture Lab) based in Fremont where he helped develop technology enabling the fermentation of brown macroalgae (seaweed to ethanol).  This research was featured in Science in 2012.

Since joining the IPD two years ago, Adam has worked on engineering a novel formic acid assimilation pathway in E. coli, and has assisted in numerous projects involving cell culture, cloning, protein expression and protein purification.

His continued fascination with alcohol production expresses itself at home after hours, where he ferments into cider the juice of hundreds of pounds of organic heirloom apples, hand-picked from secret locations around Puget Sound.