Translational Research

Scientific discoveries within the IPD member labs advance the field of protein design and provide opportunities for translation of new knowledge into practical applications. Our entrepreneurial Translational Investigators aim to increase the impact of protein design through real world application of their innovations in new local Start Up and Spin Out companies.

Below you will learn about our current Translational Research efforts and what we are looking to accomplish through these projects.

The IPD and Baker lab have spun out six biotechnology companies that have collectively raised over $61-million in financing to date to commercialize computational protein design technologies. These include:

  • Arzeda: Protein design for synthetic biological production of valuable chemicals.
  • Cyrus Biotechnology: Rosetta software as a cloud computing service for the biopharmaceutical industry.
  • PvP Biologics: A gluten-busting enzyme for celiac disease.
  • Virvio: Designed proteins to block the flu virus.
  • A-alpha Bio: Platform technology for massively parallel measurement of protein interactions.
  • Icosavax: A new vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), a deadly virus affecting newborns and the elderly.

Translational Research Projects from the IPD led to the formation of Cyrus, PvP, VirVio and Icosavax.

Active IPD Translational Research Projects include:

  • Computational de novo design of interleukin mimetics (“Neoleukins”) as immune modulators oncology applications
  • Computational de novo design of a platform of macrocycle peptides with desired pharmacology