UW establishes the Institute for Protein Design

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The University of Washington has announced the establishment of the Institute for Protein Design. Our Institute is located within the Department of Biochemistry at the UW School of Medicine. Our mission is to design synthetic proteins that address challenges in medicine, energy, and technology.

“A major challenge for designing proteins for specific purposes is predicting three-dimensional shape from the amino acid sequence. Dr. David Baker, UW professor of biochemistry and an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, has had remarkable success in making these predictions and in designing new proteins with new functions.”  

Dr. Paul Ramsey, CEO of UW Medicine

With David Baker as our founding director, this Institute will combine and expand strengths within the University of Washington, Seattle, and beyond. We will integrate expertise in biochemistry, engineering, computer science, and medicine, all while leveraging unique strengths in our city’s software industry.

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