June IPD News Roundup


A new Science paper is out from Dr. David Baker and IPD collaborator Dr. Tamir Gonen (HHMI Janelia Campus) titled Design of ordered two-dimensional arrays mediated by noncovalent protein-protein interfaces. Graduate student Shane Gonen and Dr. Frank DiMaio describe a new computational approach to design two-dimensional protein arrays with a number of exciting potential applications in materials, engineering, and diagnostics.



cyrus1_cropJune was an exciting month for the IPD Translational Investigator program! The IPD launched its very first spinout – Cyrus Biotechnology. Founded by former IPD postdocs Drs. Lucas Nivon and Yifan Song, and former Baker lab graduate student Dr. Javier Castellanos, Cyrus aims to pursue commercialization of an innovative user friendly software as a service (SaaS) cloud computing solution for distribution of the powerful “Rosetta” protein structure prediction and design algorithms. Read the IPD’s full announcement here and explore the Cyrus website at www.cyrusbio.com for more information.

Congratulations to Baker lab graduate student Austin Day on his successful PhD thesis defense!

Translational Investigators along with Dr. Lance Stewart, IPD Sr. Director of Strategy, shared advancements in IPD research at the widely attended WBBA Life Science Innovation Northwest (LSINW) this month. LSINW “connect world-class industry leaders and showcases the Pacific Northwest as a global center for life science advancement”

Cyrus Bio founder Dr. Lucas Nivon and UW CoMotion’s Josh Pan at LSINW 2015
Translational Investigator Dr. Ingrid Swanson Pultz before her presentation on an oral therapeutic for celiac disease at LSINW 2015
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