July IPD News Roundup




In an article out in Structure, Baker lab postdoc Dr. Hahnbeom Park in collaboration with IPD Assistant Professor Frank DiMaio investigate the origin of protein structure refinement from structural averaging at the residue level. Structure refinement has long been a challenge in the field of protein structure prediction and it aims to improve homology models to the level of experimentally determined structures. Their studies and conclusions can be found in a paper titled “The Origin of Consistent Protein Structure Refinement from Structural Averaging“.

Liangcai copyINSTITUTE

A big welcome to new UW Biochemistry and IPD Assistant Professor Dr. Liangcai Gu! Dr. Gu is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Genome Sciences. Dr. Gu’s lab is interested in using quantitative protein interaction profiling to understand molecular recognition and guide computation protein design. We are very excited to have Dr. Gu as part of our protein design team!

The IPD also welcomes visiting scholar Wally Novak, VISIT intern Can Li, and visiting research scientist Maziar Ardejani!

David Baker gave a talk at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle titled “Post-Evolutionary Biology: Design of novel protein structures, functions, and assemblies”.

Dr. Roman Jerala, from the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, Slovenia visited the IPD and gave a talk on “Design of modular topological folds”.

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