David Baker profiled in The New York Times

At the end of a historic year for protein design, the Baker Lab was honored to be profiled in the New York Times by science writer Carl Zimmer. He writes about the technology, progress, and promise in the field, including the contributions from our wonderful crowdsource participants.

Graphic: John Hersey / New York Times

On the technology front, Rosetta continues to improve each year thanks to the hard work of the RosettaCommons. Given ongoing advances in DNA synthesis and protein screening technology, we believe there is still so much more we can design and discover.

Progress in the field of protein design was staggering in 2017. Thousands of novel proteins were designed and manufactured with new features, folds, and functions. From immunotherapy, drug delivery, antiviral activity,y and more, this was an awesome year for applied protein design.

The promise of protein design has never been greater. “As we understand more and more of the basic principles, we ought to be able to do far better.”

Read the full profile here: Scientists Are Designing Artisanal Proteins for Your Body

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