Introducing the Srivatsan Lab

We’re excited to announce a new partnership: the Srivatsan Lab has been named an Affiliate Lab of the Institute for Protein Design.

This new lab is at the forefront of leveraging protein design and molecular sequencing to uncover the intricate dance between cells and the genes that guide their function.

Under the leadership of Sanjay Srivatsan, PhD, the Srivatsan Lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center will focus on developing new sequencing technologies to understand how life’s various components assemble. This includes making biochemical measurements of designed proteins and inventing new single-cell co-assays to understand how designed proteins function in cellular contexts.

Dr. Srivatsan’s groundbreaking work has refined single-cell RNA sequencing technologies, illuminating the genetic activity within individual cells and tissues. His innovations have traced the spatial positions of cells in tissues, creating  detailed maps of development.

With a new lab nestled in the heart of Seattle’s vibrant biomedical community, Sanjay invites bright minds at all career stages to join in the quest to map life’s building blocks. The lab is accepting postdoc applications, graduate students from the University of Washington, and undergraduates in the Seattle area.

The lab officially formed at Fred Hutch on September 1, 2023. With Sanjay’s rich background — from his bioengineering studies at UC Berkeley to his transformative postdoctoral work designing proteins in the Baker Lab — this growing team is poised to make many measurements of developing biological systems using sequencing, model these data using deep learning, and generate new instances that have been previously unexplored.

Join us as we celebrate this new affiliation, a testament to a shared vision for a future where protein design can help reveal biological insights that enhance knowledge and health.

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