Undergrads Abby Burtner and Sneha Subramanian are in the Husky 100

Two of our undergraduate researchers — Abby and Sneha — have been recognized by the University of Washington as leaders and innovators.

The Husky 100 includes undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who have founded startups, created artwork, served as mentors, conducted research, and advocated for social justice. In honor of their many contributions, each is eligible to participate in a range of activities and opportunities offered by our on- and off-campus partners.

Congrats Abby and Sneha!

Abby Burtner

From: Olympia, WA

B.S. Biochemistry, Chemistry and Data Science

“Through my academic, research and community-building experiences at the UW, I have discovered that I want to pursue a career in science. I aspire to be a professor leading a research team investigating the molecular mechanisms of the immune system. I hope to harness this knowledge to design therapeutics for globally impactful infectious diseases and underresearched autoimmune diseases.”

Sneha Subramanian

From: Bellevue, WA

B.S. Public Health-Global Health

“Witnessing pervasive health disparity, I am driven to pursue research, leadership, and community initiatives that promote accessibility in medicine. The University of Washington has equipped me with indispensable experiences, enabling me to harness public health frameworks to dismantle institutional barriers that perpetuate inequity in healthcare. I am dedicated to leveraging my unique lived experiences to catalyze systemic change within health systems, while providing empathetic and culturally competent care to diverse populations worldwide.”

About the Husky 100

Each year, the Husky 100 honors the outstanding work and achievements of 100 students on all three UW campuses who are making the most of their Husky Experience.

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