David Baker’s Technology Transfer and Advisory Roles

Updated 8 January 2022

David Baker is a cofounder, shareholder, or advisor to the following companies.  

F = Founder, A = Advisor

Prospect Genomics 1999 F A Genomics and drug discovery; acquired by Eli Lilly/Structural GenomiX in 2001
Bio Architecture Lab 2008   A Developing biofuels and renewable chemicals from macroalgae; no longer active, having licensed their technology to Statoil
ARZEDA 2009 F A Enzyme engineering for agribusiness and fine chemicals
Pregenen 2011   A Engineering nucleases for genome engineering therapies; acquired in 2014 by Bluebird Bio
PVP Biologics 2012 F A Developing protein therapeutics for celiac disease; acquired by Takeda in 2020
Cue Biopharma 2014   A Developing biologic immunotherapies
Cyrus Biotech 2014 F A Cloud-based software for biomolecular design
Virvio 2017   A Developing broadly-protective influenza therapeutics
Icosavax 2018 F A Developing of protein nanoparticle vaccines for respiratory viruses
A-Alpha Bio 2018 F A Accelerating target discovery, library screening, and preclinical drug characterization
Neoleukin Therapeutics 2018 F A Developing proteins that activate the immune system to fight cancer
Sana Biotechnology 2019 F A Creating and delivering engineered cells as medicine for patients
Lyell Immunotherapeutics 2019 F A Developing T-cells to eliminate solid cancers
Mopac Biologics 2020   A Developing protein therapeutics for gastrointesinal inflammation diseases
Monod Bio 2021   A Developing advanced molecular diagnostics
Brahma 2021   A Designing bi-specific protein therapeutics
Charm 2021   A Applying machine learning to small molecule drug discovery
Transycton Bio 2021   A Developing of blood-brain barrier traversal agents

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