David Baker’s Technology Transfer and Advisory Roles

Updated May 2023

David Baker is or was a co-founder, shareholder, or advisor to the following companies.  

F = Founder/Co-Founder, A = Advisor

Prospect Genomics1999FAGenomics and drug discovery; acquired by Eli Lilly/Structural GenomiX in 2001
Bio Architecture Lab2008 ADeveloping biofuels and renewable chemicals from macroalgae; no longer active, having licensed their technology to Statoil
Arzeda2009FAACTIVEEnzyme engineering for agribusiness and fine chemicals
Pregenen2011 AEngineering nucleases for genome engineering therapies; acquired in 2014 by Bluebird Bio
PVP Biologics2012FADeveloping protein therapeutics for celiac disease; acquired by Takeda in 2020
Cue Biopharma2014 ADeveloping biologic immunotherapies
Cyrus Biotech2014FAACTIVECloud-based software for biomolecular design
Virvio2017 ADeveloping broadly-protective influenza therapeutics
Icosavax2018FAACTIVEDeveloping protein nanoparticle vaccines for respiratory viruses
A-Alpha Bio2018FAACTIVEAccelerating target discovery, library screening, and preclinical drug characterization
Neoleukin Therapeutics2018FAACTIVEDeveloping proteins that activate the immune system to fight cancer
Sana Biotechnology2019FAACTIVECreating and delivering engineered cells as medicine for patients
Lyell Immunotherapeutics2019FAACTIVEDeveloping T-cells to eliminate solid cancers
Mopac Biologics2020 AACTIVEDeveloping protein therapeutics for gastrointesinal inflammation diseases
Monod Bio2021 AACTIVEDeveloping protein biosensors for diagnostic applications
Brahma2021 AACTIVEDesigning bi-specific protein therapeutics
Charm2021 AACTIVEApplying machine learning to small molecule drug discovery
Transycton Bio2021 AACTIVEDeveloping blood-brain barrier traversal agents
Developing protein therapeutics for gastrointestinal inflammation diseases2022AACTIVEDesigning protein nanomaterials for regenerative medicine and cancer
Lila2022AACTIVEDeveloping treatments for fibrotic diseases
Vilya2023AACTIVEDeveloping permeable drug molecules to target traditionally un-druggable targets

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