PI: Dr. Peter Myler
Location: Seattle BioMed
Website: http://www.seattlebiomed.org/bio/myler

Designed vaccines for neglected diseases

The goal of the Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease (SSGCID, www.ssgcid.org) is to determine the structure of proteins from Biodefense (NIAID Category A-C), Emerging and Re-emerging Infection (BEI) organisms. Pro-active engagement of the infectious disease research community to nominate high value targets to our pipeline and to utilize the structural data that we produce is critical to our success within SSGCID. This engagement will help ensure that the resulting protein structures provide a blueprint for structure-based drug design of new therapeutics to combat infectious diseases and provide a foundation for understanding the biology of these organisms.

The SSGCID has openings for WRF-IPD Fellows interested in using protein design and/or computational structural biology to produce polypeptides as potential vaccines antigens, diagnostic reagents or chemotherapeutic agents against infectious disease pathogens. We also encourage projects that utilize these technologies to study the fundamental molecular biology of such organisms.