– The scientific artwork of Baker lab postdoctoral fellow Dr. Vikram Mulligan was featured in a Q&A in the April issue of ASBMB Today. Dr. Mulligan beautifully illustrates and depicts the proteins developed at the IPD, including protein nanocages, influenza binders, enzymes, and more. A few of his illustrations are shown below.

Mulligan metal binder figure
Designed metal-binding protein
Flu Binder
Designed flu binder (blue) binding to hemagglutinin on the surface of influenza
Designed protein nanocage


The IPD hosted its first WRF Innovation Fellows meeting this month! IPD faculty, translational investigators, postdocs, and graduates students gathered to hear presentations from five WRF Fellows (Zhizhi Wang, Yalan Xing, Jason Gilmore, Ben Groves, and Zach Crook). Each fellow gave a 12 minute talk on their research progress followed by a short Q & A. A list of current fellows and a description of their research projects can be found here: https://www.ipd.uw.edu/current-wrf-fellows/

The IPD is excited to announce that we have accepted our next round of WRF Innovation Fellows and many of them have started this month! The IPD welcomes the following postdoctoral fellows to the program:

– Franziska Seeger, Ph.D. (Oukka lab, Seattle Childrens)
– Marc Lajoie, Ph.D. (Disis lab, UW Medicine/Medical Oncology)
– Anindya Roy, Ph.D. (Rawlings lab, UW Pharmacology)
– Gerard Daniel (Spiro/Goldberg labs, UW Chemistry)

We have two more fellows joining us next month.


The IPD is offering an opportunity for a Practicum Independent Study for a Foster MBA student. An MBA Student is needed to work with IPD leadership to collect market data on  “Small Molecule Binder” applications. The data will be used to build valuation models that will help us to better understand the commercial opportunities for these applications (or others).