Practical Applications


From detecting fentanyl to blocking the virus that causes COVID-19, we are pushing the limits of what proteins can do to help meet the challenges of the modern world.


In 2010 our researchers demonstrated that Rosetta-designed proteins can take on shapes that elicit neutralizing antibodies against HIV when injected into animals as vaccine formulations [7, 9]. Four years later, we applied these same methods to create novel immunogens against the respiratory virus RSV, a particularly lethal virus for infants and the elderly [8]. In 2019 we reported our first fully synthetic nanoparticle vaccine targeting RSV [16]. This and other vaccine candidates are now being developed by Icosavax, an IPD spinout. In 2020 we used this same platform technology to create ultrapotent COVID-19 vaccines that in animal testing elicit neutralizing antibodies at levels more than ten times greater than the antigen from authorized mRNA vaccines [17]. Human clinical trials are now underway.


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