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  • Synthetic Nucleocapsids Have Arrived

    Synthetic Nucleocapsids Have Arrived

    Published today in Nature, IPD researchers describe the first synthetic protein assemblies — dubbed synthetic nucleocapsids — that encapsulate their own genome and evolve in complex environments. Synthetic nucleocapsids are built to resemble viral capsids and could be used in future to deliver therapeutics to specific cells and tissues. These icosahedral protein assemblies are based off of…

  • The Matrix of Protein Design

    The Matrix of Protein Design

    The Matrix movie (1999) depicts a future in which the reality perceived by most humans is actually a computer simulated reality called “the Matrix”.  Published today in Science, the Baker lab and collaborators report on a new kind of Matrix –  a new reality for large scale computational protein design which can achieve massive data driven improvements in our ability to design highly stable,…

  • Proteins Made to Order. Researchers at the IPD Design Proteins from Scratch with Predictable Structures

    A team from David Baker’s laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle have described a set of “rules” for the design of proteins from scratch, and have demonstrated the successful design of five new proteins that fold reliably into predicted conformations.  Their work was published Nature.  Learn more at this link.