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  • Foldit to Disarm a Fungal Toxin

    Foldit to Disarm a Fungal Toxin

    Foldit alfatoxin project update 7/16/2018 Today, scientists from of the Institute for Protein Design will join Foldit gamers from around the world to help design an enzyme that can neutralize aflatoxin — a cancer-causing toxin produced by certain fungi that are found on agricultural crops such as corn, peanuts, cottonseed, and tree nuts.  Foldit is a citizen…

  • Targeting Ebola

    The Foldit community to targets Ebola. Click here to learn more. Watch grad student Brian Koepnick and IPD Director David Baker talk about this work on this KOMO TV news segment. See the Seattle Times article here. Make a donation to help us fund our anti-Ebola effort.

  • The “Three Dreamer” Protein Design Partnership for Alzheimer’s Disease

    The “Three Dreamers” are a group of Seattle-based philanthropists whose family members are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  The IPD has partnered with the Three Dreamers, the Foldit community and AD researchers at the UW to design new proteins targeting amyloid, thought to be the cause of AD.  Learn more at this link.

  • Increasing Public Involvement in Structural Biology

    Foldit is 5 years old.  This publication entitled “Increasing public involvement in structural biology” chronicles the power of engaging the citizen science community on behalf of the computational challenge of protein folding.  Learn more at this link.

  • Seattle Health Innovators Visit the IPD

    The Seattle Health Innovators recently visited the Institute for Protein Design, and wrote a nice blog entitled “Crowdsourcing the design of new molecules to improve healthcare and the environment.”  The article provides a nice look into the Institute for Protein Design.  Learn more at this link.