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WRF Innovation Fellows Program

The Institute for Protein Design (IPD) is fortunate to be situated in Seattle with a wealth of expertise in healthcare, medicine, computer science, materials science, and engineering. With a generous gift from the Washington Research Foundation (WRF), the IPD has launched the WRF Innovation Fellows Program supporting research partnerships between the IPD and other Seattle-area research institutes or UW departments.


We are not accepting new applications at this time.


Candidate Fellows should submit:

– A one page statement of research accomplishments*
– A two page project description stating the goals for proposed research activities. The statement should include discussion of how the candidate’s proposed research will contribute to the goal of applying protein design methodology to current challenges in science and technology. It should also describe the rationale for the choice of mentors, the expected benefits of working with the mentors, and the relationship of the activity to the applicant’s career goals. The two page limit includes text and figures. A third page may be used for references if needed.*
– A curriculum vitae
– Three letters of reference
– A 1-2 paragraph letter from the prospective mentor (PI Mentor), indicating a commitment to work with the prospective Fellow

All application material will be submitted via the Interfolio platform found at this link:

Format Guidelines

*Statement of research accomplishments and project description should adhere to the following formatting guidelines:

– Font: Arial, Helvetica, Palatino Linotype, or Georgia typeface
– Black font color
– Font size 11 points or larger
– Use standard paper size (8.5 x 11) and no smaller than one-half (0.5) inch margins on all sides. No information should appear in the margins