AWS gift supports protein structure prediction and design


Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud computing platform, is donating server time to the Institute for Protein Design to accelerate research in protein structure prediction and design. Computing credits valued at over $1M will be used to train optimized versions of RoseTTAFold for higher accuracy. The research will also support the ongoing development of novel antivirals, vaccines, and diagnostics, including for COVID-19. Improved versions of RoseTTAFold that result will be freely available to the academic research community through the RosettaCommons. All predicted structures for natural proteins will be made freely available via ModelArchive or another public database.

“The use of machine learning in protein science is one of today’s most promising research frontiers. With this generous gift, AWS is helping our scientists build tools and make discoveries that could transform medicine and more. We are grateful for their support,” said Lance Stewart, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer at the Institute for Protein Design.



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