Biosensor startup Monod secures $25M seed financing

Monod Bio, a life sciences company developing custom diagnostic biosensors that emit light to detect specific biomolecules of interest, today announced it has raised a $25M seed financing round. The round was led by Matrix Capital, with participation from the Global Health Investment Corporation, Cercano Management, The Washington Research Foundation, Boom Capital Ventures, Sahsen Ventures, and Pack Ventures.

Monod is using state-of-the-art computational protein design to develop a new class of modular biosensors that emit a bioluminescent signal when the sensor recognizes its target. The sensors are built using software from the Institute of Protein Design.

“We can now design custom biosensors that have specific functions, and this seed financing enables us to illuminate specific molecules such as viruses or biomarkers, and start building prototypes that can then become real-world diagnostics,” said Daniel-Adriano Silva, Ph.D., CEO & Co-Founder, Monod Bio. “I’m thrilled to be leading a team with my co-founders that brings together diverse backgrounds across biology, protein engineering, and machine learning to design custom biosensors and improve human health.”

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Monod is hiring! Learn more here.


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