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Research Scientist/Engineer Assistant – Crystallography

Opening: Filled

The UW Institute for Protein Design currently has an outstanding opportunity for a Research Scientist Assistant to support peptide and protein crystallography efforts for the IPD’s Structural Biology Core (SBC).  This person will be assigned work under general guidance and receive instruction on specific assignment objectives, complex features, and possible solutions. Guidance on unusual problems will be provided by IPD Faculty, other UW Faculty, or other experts in biophysical characterization and work shall be reviewed for application of sound professional judgment.

The Research Scientist Assistant – SBC will interface directly with members of other IPD Core Laboratories as well as graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in IPD Faculty Laboratories. Research activities will involve setup of crystallization trays, screening for crystal formation and growth using microscopy, operation of X-ray generation sources, and eventually training in data collection and solving structures.  The RSA SBC will grow to be an expert in protein and peptide x-ray crystallography and will therefore be of assistance in optimization of crystallization conditions and support of crystallography needs for the IPD. With the gaining of expertise, high throughput robotics, maintenance and operation of x ray sources and independent operation in crystallography projects.

In this role, ~40% of the effort will be dedicated to the setup and monitoring of crystallography trays.

Another ~20% of effort will be dedicated to maintenance and operation of liquid handling robotics.

The remaining ~40% of effort will, eventually, be dedicated to the maintenance and operation of x-ray generating sources for x-ray diffraction of peptides and proteins. 

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelors’s Degree in Biochemistry, Biology or similar + less than 3 months of experience in related field.
  • The Research Scientist Assistant-SBC is devoted primarily to scientific research and requires a B. Sc. in a biology-related field,  with less than 3 months of experience in characterization of protein. Candidates must be capable of applying standardized scientific procedures and techniques to assignments of limited complexity, involving potentially conflicting design requirements.

    An ideal Research Scientist Assistant – SBC candidate will be someone who (i) has had experience in a laboratory setting during the undergraduate degree obtention, (ii) will use their knowledge gained in their undergraduate degree program to apply fundamental concepts, practices and procedures, (iii) follows procedures for small projects and/or major project tasks which may last years under immediate supervision, and effectively manages them under guidance and direction from project staff; interfaces with investigator peers, (iv) can provide timely and professional scientific services to a number of internal collaborators on approximately 2-3 different projects, (v) can perform tasks and methods as directed, (vi) and enjoys interacting with other scientists in a highly collaborative and fast-paced work environment.