• The IPD Moves Into the New Molecular Engineering and Sciences Building

    The Institute for Protein Design and David Baker’s laboratory have moved into the new Molecular Engineering & Sciences Building located in the heart of the University of Washington campus.  Read about the Institute’s new home and its exciting research in the Seattle Times, and also at this link.

  • Computer Designed Proteins Programmed to Disarm a Variety of Flu Viruses

    As reported in Nature Biotechnology, David Baker and scientists at the IPD published exciting new methods to improve the potency and breadth of computer-designed protein inhibitors of influenza.  Learn more at this link.

  • Computational Design of Self-Assembling Protein Nanomaterials with Atomic Level Accuracy

    IPD researchers in the Baker group have published in Science a paper entitled “Computational design of self-assembling protein nanomaterials with atomic level accuracy.”  They describe a general computational method for designing proteins that self-assemble to a desired symmetric architecture.  Protein building blocks are docked together symmetrically to identify complementary packing arrangements, and low-energy protein-protein interfaces are then designed […]

  • UW to Establish Institute for Protein Design

    Dr. Paul Ramsey, CEO of UW Medicine, announces the establishment of the Institute for Protein Design (IPD).   “A major challenge for designing proteins for specific purposes is predicting three-dimensional shape from the amino acid sequence. Dr. David Baker, UW professor of biochemistry and an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, has had remarkable success in […]