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  • Custom design of novel alphahelical bundles

    A new paper is out in this week’s issue of Science entitled High thermodynamic stability of parametrically designed helical bundles. Using novel computational design methods, extremely stable helical bundles can be custom designed with fine-tuned structural geometries for a number of applications. Read more about this exciting work at this…

  • September IPD News Roundup

    We awarded our first round of WRF Innovation Postdoctoral fellowships this month! Follow the link to learn about our new fellows and to catch up on the research ongoing at the IPD.

  • August IPD News Roundup

    The Foldit community has been leading the charge in the computational design of proteins to bind Ebola. Learn more about this work and other ongoing Institute news at the link.

  • Engineering an Oral Therapeutic for Celiac Disease

    Learn how the IPD and Translational Investigator Dr. Ingrid Swanson Pultz are developing Kumamax, an oral therapeutic candidate for celiac disease. A slide presentation and more information at the link.

  • Targeting Ebola

    The Foldit community to targets Ebola. Click here to learn more. Watch grad student Brian Koepnick and IPD Director David Baker talk about this work on this KOMO TV news segment. See the Seattle Times article here. Make a donation to help us fund our anti-Ebola effort.

  • Hiking the South Peak of The Brothers

    Watch a video documenting a recent hike at The Brothers in the Olympics. IPD scientists, mountain goats, and stellar views – oh my!

  • The Power of Charity for Protein Design

    Read a post about how the power of volunteer computing drives advances in protein design! Learn more at the link.

  • Letter from the Director – IPD Update

    Read a letter from Institute for Protein Design Director Dr. David Baker summarizing the exciting accomplishments and progress made at the IPD in the past year.

  • July IPD News Roundup

    This July, IPD staff and scientists ventured outdoors for a conference and for some fun adventures. Learn more at the link.

  • June IPD News Roundup

    June at the IPD welcomed some new team members and saw some exciting new publications! Learn more here.