Neil King, PhD, Assistant Professor

Neil P. King, PhD
Assistant Professor
Institute for Protein Design
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-7370

Phone: 206-543-9354
Lab Website:

Neil joined the Institute for Protein Design as a Translational Investigator in early 2014. During his postdoc, he pioneered the development of general computational methods for designing self-assembling proteins with atomic-level accuracy. His group at the IPD is using and extending these methods to design functional protein nanomaterials for applications in targeted drug delivery and the design of next-generation vaccines.

Proteins are Nature’s building block of choice for the construction of ‘molecular machines’: stable yet dynamic assemblies with unparalleled abilities in molecular recognition, catalysis, and responsiveness to changes in environment. Neil’s group is incorporating these features into the design of functional nanomaterials with the goal of creating new opportunities for the treatment of disease. Working with collaborators around the world, they are establishing a design-build-test cycle to use feedback from functional assays in vitro and in vivo to optimize the performance of the designed materials.

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