Annual Report

August 2022 – July 2023

Our mission—to create proteins that solve modern challenges in medicine, technology, and sustainability—has guided us through another year of impactful research and innovation.


Innovations and Discoveries


Our royalty-free COVID-19 vaccine has become the world’s first computationally designed protein medicine. Following full approval in South Korea and the United Kingdom, the World Health Organization granted it an Emergency Use Listing in June 2023; this designation is meant to increase access to new medical products that meet strict safety, quality, and effectiveness standards during public health emergencies.


Our scientists have developed groundbreaking AI tools—including RFdiffusion, ProteinMPNN, and RoseTTAFold—that have revolutionized how we and others around the world design proteins with new functions. Almost every week now, our scientists create a molecule that would have been nearly impossible to design previously. And with each challenge we tackle, we’re learning more about how to use these tools to improve the world.


From proteins that bind to disordered targets to custom cell-penetrating peptides, our research has opened new doors in medical research and drug development. As we pioneer a new era of custom proteins with advanced functions, we’re enthusiastic about additional applications that go beyond medicine, including the potential for artificial photosynthesis and carbon sequestration. Read our research summaries on our blog.

Institute Highlights

We welcomed Dr. Lynda Stuart as our first Executive Director, marking a new era of growth and innovation for the Institute. Lance Stewart, who helped lead us throughout our first decade, has retired from his role as Chief Strategy and Operations Officer.

Our Director David Baker received the 2023 Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Biology and Biomedicine for innovative AI research. Presented at a ceremony in Bilbao, Spain, the award was shared with Demis Hassabis and John Jumper of Google DeepMind.

We celebrated our Institute’s 10-year anniversary this summer. Current members, advisors, supporters, and old friends all gathered on campus to share memories and forge friendships. It was a night to remember.

This year we launched our first international translational research project in partnership with the BioInnovation Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Collaboration and Translation

By launching new companies and fostering collaborations with industry and government partners, we’re turning the boundless potential of protein design into reality.

Now in its ninth year, our Translational Investigator Program has become a launchpad for scientific entrepreneurs looking to turn their ideas into real-world impact. With access to our computational resources and Core R&D Labs, we empower teams to transform academic breakthroughs into new products, technologies, and businesses.

Our work is supported by a network of foundations, individuals, corporations, and government agencies, whose generosity makes our achievements possible.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on our past accomplishments and look forward to new horizons, we remain committed to harnessing the boundless potential of protein design to shape a healthier, more sustainable world.

Our Member Labs continue to attract some of the brightest researchers in the world who are eager to redefine what’s possible in protein science. Our Hub has become a cornerstone of innovation, combining high-performance computing infrastructure with state-of-the-art labs to accelerate scientific progress. And through commercialization and research partnerships, we continue to ensure that the knowledge created here benefits the world.

For more details and insights, we invite you to read our full 2023 Annual Report [PDF].