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  • One-carbon pathway PNAS paper featured in Nature Chem Bio

    The exciting protein design work by IPD researchers and collaborators in PNAS titled Computational protein design enables a novel one-carbon assimilation pathway has been featured in a Nature Chemical Biology News and Views piece. Follow the link to check it out: nchembio.1819

  • April IPD News Roundup

    April IPD News Roundup is live at this link!

  • March IPD News Roundup

    The March 2015 IPD news roundup is here! A new publication in PNAS on a completely novel metabolic pathway made via protein design and more. Read about it at the link.

  • February IPD News Roundup

    This month’s roundup features an interview and two papers from IPD Assistant Professor Frank DiMaio as well as a new Science paper from the Baker lab on trapping transition states using protein design. Read more at the link.

  • AAAS 2015 Plenary Lecture by David Baker

    David Baker, IPD Director and Professor of Biochemistry at the UW was the Plenary Speaker at this year’s AAAS meeting in San Francisco. A video of his talk, titled ‘Post-Evolutionary Biology: Design of Novel Protein Structures, Functions, and Assemblies’ covers a breadth of information on ongoing IPD research and can…

  • January IPD News Roundup

    A little late this month but it’s here!!! The January news roundup talks about a new Nature journal paper from the Baker lab, the second Mini Symposium, and much more. Follow the link and read more!

  • Independent Study Opportunity for Foster MBA Students

    The Institute for Protein Design is seeking an MBA student to work with Institute leadership to collect market data on small molecule therapeutic targets for protein design. More information about this exciting independent study opportunity can be found on our Employment page here.

  • Institute for Protein Design Establishes Advisory Board

    The Institute for Protein Design is pleased to announce its new advisory board! Follow the link to our news release for more information on our board members.

  • IPD Mini Symposium – Jan 20 2015

    Our next Mini Symposium will be hosted on Jan 20 2015 and will feature Drs. Bill DeGrado (UCSF) and Gevorg Grigoryan (Dartmouth) speaking on “New Approaches to Protein Design”. More information at this link.

  • December IPD News Roundup

    We wrapped up 2014 with a bang – introducing a new logo, getting a major award for celiac disease research, and successfully hosting our first Mini Symposium! Follow the link to read more.